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Qmatic - is global leading Queue Management and customer journey platform. It helps you to improve operations increase profit and enhance Customer Experience

Qmatic is a fully web-based, highly flexible and centralized Customer Flow Management (CFM) solution.
Qmatic provides accessible customer tracking, appointment handling and customized queuing solutions for enterprise-wide management and configuration, with a focus on organizations spanning many branch office locations. Integrated Hardware and Software solution helps you to build and manage sustainable customer journey and make analytics for customer and staff behavior

qmatic.com link

Qmeter - is a Customer Feedback and Experience Management platform. It helps you to collect, track, manage and analyze Customer Feedbacks.

Qmeter is fully SaaS, Enterprise Customer Experience and Feedback Management Platform that helps to define how customer satisfied from provided Customer Journey and Customer Experience. That creates an opportunity to find out the satisfaction level of customers concerning the provided service or product and creates a clear image of customers’ experience and satisfaction. Qmeter can be run as standalone as well as to be integrated to different Business Management Systems to bring all insight to one central platform. Easy integrations can be done with CRM Systems, Call Center, SMS, E-mail, Website and other touch points.

qmeter.net link

Sedco – is a global leader in providing digital branch transformation solutions. Focused on providing Self-Service Solutions which enables you to provide and sell your services to customers anywhere anytime.

Sedco virtual service machines (VSM) are kiosks that includes video calling facility with a remote agent who can also monitor and control user’s actions. Sedco Self-service solution provided by Sedco is architected utilizing state-of-the-art technologies at the software and hardware levels. The solution includes central management and monitoring that provides remote configuration, management, upgrade, live monitoring of the status of machines, warnings and alerts, and Business Intelligence including reports about the performance and utilization of the machines.

sedco.co link


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